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        A novel class of tRNA-derived small RNAs extremely enriched in mature mouse sperm

        Cell death and differentiation is a monthly research journal focused on the exciting field of programmed cell death and apoptosis. It provides a single ...
        ... J ShiY ZhangH Zhang , ... -  《Cell Research》  -  被引量:  278  -  2012年
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        Designing IT systems according to environmental settings: A strategic analysis framework

        In the past, IT system design is mainly driven by two essential factors: technical merits and costs. Environmental consideration only emerges in most re...
        Z HeL LinL Tong  -  《Journal of Strat...  -  被引量:  67  -  2011年

        Cerebral Vascular Smooth Muscle Potassium Channels and their Possible Role in the Management of Vasospasm

        Abstract: One of the promising therapeutic uses of the potassium channel openers is in the management of cerebral vasospasm, a prolonged vasoconstricti...
        Z HeD Cook  -  《Pharmacology & T...  -  被引量:  61  -  1994年

        Design and implementation of an open framework for ubiquitous carbon footprint calculator applications

        As climate change is becoming an important global issue, more and more people are beginning to pay attention to reducing greenhouse gas emissions. To me...
        ... C O’BrienSI AhamedZ He , ... -  《Sustainable Comp...  -  被引量:  32  -  2011年

        Convolutional Sparse and Low-Rank Coding-Based Rain Streak Removal

        We propose a novel Convolutional Coding-based Rain Removal (CCRR) algorithm for automatically removing rain streaks from a single rainy image. Our metho...
        H ZhangVM Patel  -  Applications of C...  -  被引量:  21  -  2017年
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        Sparse Representation-Based Open Set Recognition

        We propose a generalized Sparse Representationbased Classification (SRC) algorithm for open set recognition where not all classes presented during testi...
        H ZhangVM Patel  -  《IEEE Transaction...  -  被引量:  19  -  2017年
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        Organic molecule-modulated phase evolution of inorganic mesostructures

        The involvement of alkane in the P123-TEOS-NH4F-H3O+ synthesis system alters the phase behavior of the complex emulsion system dramatically. Changing on...
        J SunD MaH Zhang , ... -  《Langmuir the Acs...  -  被引量:  18  -  2008年

        Nonlinear dynamic response of stay cables under axial harmonic excitation

        This paper proposes a new numerical simulation method for analyzing the parametric vibration of stay cables based on the theory of nonlinear dynamic res...
        X XieH ZhangZC Zhang  -  《Journal of Zheji...  -  被引量:  13  -  2008年

        Affective abstract image classification and retrieval using multiple kernel learning.

        Summary: Emotional semantic image retrieval systems aim at incorporating the user's affective states for responding adequately to the user's interests. One challenge is to select features specific to image affect detection. Another ch...
        H ZhangZ YangM G?nen , ... -  被引量:  13  -  2013年
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